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Letting Go

I encourage you to let go of what’s making you unhappy.

Let go of the boyfriend who doesn’t bring you happiness but pain and tears.

Let go of the job that drains all of your energy and gives you nothing but hell and high water.

Let go of music that brings you down and only causes your mind to wander.

Let go of the people who complain and speak negativity over you.

Let go of unhealthy foods that make you feel sick when you wake up.

Let go of trying to control everything that you can not.

Let go of negative thoughts about yourself and other people.

Let go of trying to fix everything and only focus on one thing at a time.

Let go of thinking that you are so ugly and overweight because someone in the world wants to look just like you.

Let go of thinking no one cares about you when you at least have 1-2 people that love you like no other.

Let go of wondering when your millionaire season will happen. God’s timing is always perfect.

Let go of trying to figure out why they began acting funny towards you. If they aren’t giving you a reason, press on.

Let go of unblocking people that you’ve already cut off.

Let go of jealousy.

Let go of thinking that their lives are perfect on social media when they aren’t. Mine isn’t, and neither is yours.

Let go of unforgiveness. The longer you hold onto the anger, the longer you do yourself a disservice.

Let go of wanting someone to say, “I’m sorry.” Most likely, they won’t, and you still have to move on anyways.

Let go of whatever is holding you down. I encourage you to find freedom in God and let go. ❤️

Yuri Kenan

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