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Is the Show, Love is Blind Set up for People to Fail?

Dating in today's time seems to be hard for most. The authors of this show express their passion for the experiment and how successful it can be. If you're looking for love, would you be willing to come on national TV, sit behind a door and speak to a stranger?

Do looks matter to you? Is personality the only thing that counts?

The show introduces everyone by their job titles and what they look forward to in someone. I would have to say that Love is Blind could be very nerve-wracking. Imagine you allow the world to see what your love life is all about. Crazy right? But then again, that's super brave. I see the pros and cons; you could gain a massive following from the world and the possibility of finding true love. What are you willing to risk to get what you want?

The cons are falling too fast for someone without truly knowing them. The show seems to have a weird setup. Once two people connect and feel like they're a good match, the guy will propose to the woman WITHOUT seeing them. Once the woman says yes, they will meet for the first time. How does that make you feel?

I have to address the elephant in the room. I would be freaking out not knowing how the person looked. What happen's when you connect with an individual, and they're the opposite of what you imagined? Ever talked to someone over the phone and been surprised that they looked different than how you pictured them?

From watching two seasons of this show, I've found that most people are happy with the other's person's appearance. I've also noticed that both people quickly say, "I love you." It's called the infatuation stage. What happens when that wears off? Will her double chin bother you since you ignored it before since you were high off excitement? Is his height a turn-off now?

Can you imagine meeting someone just by their voice and then they propose, then you begin planning your wedding within four weeks? It feels so rushed. I feel like both people need privacy and time to think things through, but this is why they're on the show. They haven't found love in a Kroger aisle, through Facebook, or a friend connection.

So let's take a vote. No judgment zone. What would you do?

If you were looking for love, would you give Love is Blind a chance?
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Do looks matter to you?
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